There is a new FinTech company in town

Fiugot is an end to end FinTech service provider that is powered and backed by FNF Canada. It is fixated on reshaping the mortgage and loan services space by using innovation to connect finance and technology. Fiugot has recently acquired exclusive access to some of Canada’s most valuable and comprehensive real estate data. This includes invaluable information related to appraisals, registries, school rankings, real estate listings, private listings, and much more.

Armed with this data, Fiugot is in a unique position to extract, analyze, and generate insights on mortgage and loan services on an unprecedented scale. In order to make full use of its resources, Fiugot is seeking innovative partners in financial and technology sectors who share its vision of redefining the way Canadians access and experience financial services.
Fiugot’s flair for creativity and capacity to build lasting partnerships, combined with its solution-driven ethic, enables it to deliver unparalleled service to Canadian financial institutions and their clients. It has already done so by digitizing, simplifying and securing rentals for countless landlords and tenants. In addition to its cutting-edge rent secure services, Fiugot’s product spectrum currently includes a wide range of tools including data intelligence, product incubation and appraisal, and digital distribution.

Led by Brian Bell, FNF Canada’s Senior Vice President of Innovation and Data Solutions, Fiugot has an edge for innovation and new product offerings that is rooted in a wealth of industry experience.

“My diverse background in data, innovation and new start-up ventures provides a solid foundation to help launch this exciting new FinTech venture. Fiugot’s partnership with FNF Canada to leverage their IT infrastructure and strategic partnership network  provides our company with instant credibility and scale to help take this new FinTech venture to new heights”

Moreover, through FNF Canada, Fiugot brings with it two decades of expertise in using technology to connect its clients with brokers, lawyers, credit unions and real estate professionals – not to mention giving people the data and told to improve their home buying or renting experience.  

Fiugot has the resources, experience, and trust to take on extraordinary projects and partnerships that other FinTech companies can only dream of. By foraging new partnerships, Fiugot can use its privileged position for good and lead its clients into a future where finance and technology are connected by innovation.