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Our mission is to solve “most likely” challenges consumers 
and companies face today using our data solutions. 
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Our portfolio insights solution provides: 
Customized Consumer Analytics
We provide our partners with the ability to visualize customers at an aggregate and right down to a specific customer level.
Real-time housing valuations
Ability to determine the estimated market value of a customers home.
Customer Retention Identification
High risk customers can be identified to assist with customer retention efforts.
Consumer Marketing Analytics
Customer marketing opportunities can be easily identified within the portfolio. 
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Fiugot's Portfolio Insight was built to provide our partners with insights to manage their client portfolios.  

Our Portfolio Insight offers our clients the ability to determine property value on their portfolio, analytics on geographic lending concentration risks, ability to identify customer marketing opportunities, as well as providing lenders with an easily reportable solution for regulators, capital markets and to external stakeholders.
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