People to Follow in Global and Canadian Fintech, Lendtech and Proptech

We try to stay on top of innovative trends and practices in our industry. One of the ways we do that is by following established experts and influencers on social media. In this post, we’ve compiled a shortlist of people we actively follow and recommend to anyone looking for valuable industry insights. 

Please note that these lists are not intended to be exhaustive or exclusive – they’re simply a starting point. You can also check out our Top 100 lists for each of the topics below on Twitter. 


While we pay attention to specialty areas such as lendtech and payments, fintech is at the core of who we are and what we do. Here are some of the must-follow influencers in fintech around the world.

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Canadian Fintech & Startups

So much more than simply digitizing existing financial products, fintech involves re-inventing the whole landscape…and Canada knows it. Whether is recognizing different needs and responding accordingly, or raising the curtain for a worldwide stage, Canadian fintech has a lot to offer. Forward thinking and intuitive, these influencers are working to lead our industry into the future.

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With a noticeable transition towards mobile preference and the fact that consumers have more selection than ever before, lendtech is crucial to the future of lending. In our recent top reads post, we shared six of the best articles we’ve come across on  lendtech and here we suggest following these trusted influencers. They will help keep you informed so you don’t get left behind.

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From the recent post on our blog, you’ll know that ‘proptech’ as a term that is more commonly used in the UK, but it is catching on in North America (where it’s more commonly referred to as ‘CRE tech’). We suggest following these influencers to help keep you in the loop.

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