Fiugot Top Reads – PropTech

PropTech is certainly something the wise real estate professional will want to keep tabs on. We can help. The following articles will clear the fog to help you better understand the proptech concept as well as give many examples and links to quality information to learn more.

The Beginner’s Guide To Commercial Real Estate Tech: What Exactly Is PropTech?

It seems not everyone is clear (or in agreement) on the term “PropTech.” A variety of opinions offer a more comprehensive view of the big picture. In this short article, seven major commercial property tech players offer their insights including how we got to where we are and what they each believe is the future of proptech. (View full article.)

PropTech 3.0: the Future of Real Estate

Professor Andrew Baum has compiled and released this comprehensive document and findings from research via SAID Business School, University of Oxford. It explores PropTech from all aspects and different viewpoints – how it started, where it is now, and where it is going in relation to real estate. This is an extensive document that you may wish to bookmark for future reference. It includes input from “over 50 real estate professionals, entrepreneurs and capital providers” and features an extensive list of companies for reference. (View full article.)

What if Every Building’s DNA Was Recorded on a Blockchain?

In a growing list of possible applications and the call for decentralization and data control, Ian Simpson explores the idea of using blockchain for buildings and apartments in this short read. (View article.)

Mortgage Tech 101: What It Is & Why It’s Taking Off Now

In 10 years, the mortgage process is likely to look very different than it does today. There are several reasons for this, including three main drivers CB Insights explores here, but one thing is clear: those who don’t delay to answer the call for change are those most likely to be the top lenders of the future. (View full article.)

Directory of PropTech companies

This is a great link to save for future reference. At the time of this original post, it included a searchable, filterable resource of 589 PropTech companies including name, phone, website, summary description and sector served. (View full article.)

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