Fiugot launches TopSchools powered by FNF Canada

Fiugot, FNF Canada’s fintech company is pleased to announce the launch of TopSchools and the release of their first School Report. By working in partnership with the Fraser Institute data and leveraging FNF’s data scientists,  TopSchools mission is to equip home buyers and sellers with insight on school data to make better decisions when buying a home. 

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when searching for a home and finding great school districts is a major one. Currently, the process is cumbersome in trying to connect school data rankings to home listings in order to make the best purchase choice. Home prices are sold at a premium in top school districts, so available data and giving additional insight can help families make an informed home buying decision.

However, school rankings alone are not valuable in determining the quality of the school and ultimately making a home purchasing choice. TopSchools is unique in that it will benchmark the school data by city, region, and provincial level to help home buyers put this information in perspective. This will make it easier the home buying process easier thanks to Top Schools ability to make school ranking data easy to understand.  

Combined with real estate market data and partnerships with Real Estate Brokerages, TopSchools intends to help consumers make more informed decisions about schools and also help Realtors with added information to educate their clients during the home buying process. 

Searching for a home in a good school district is a long difficult process, but it does not have to be, thanks to TopSchools. Stay tuned for TopSchoool reports and data to make the home buying process faster, easier and more knowledgeable.